Get Your Dream Home Designed By The Best without spending a fortune
Get Your Dream Home Designed By The Best without spending a fortune


If you are making a new home or innovating one the electrical work has to be solid. Because Jan hai toh Jahan hai.

If you are making a new home or renovating, electrical work plays a major role. When it comes to anything that has to do with electricity, hiring experienced electricians is the best way to get your problem solved. The cost of hiring the electrician services from an experienced person is worth the expense. Not only do you need the right tools to solve the problem, but you also need the right knowledge to apply.

ROU is one of the preferred choices to hire the best electricians in the Pune market. Our technicians are trusted and licensed electricians.


1) What does an electrician do?

Electricians deal with electricity issues in your house or buildings. They install, inspect and test electrical equipment to make sure that it works properly and safely.

2) How much does an electrician charge for electrical repair works?

The charges that the electrician decides depend on the nature of the work. For the services like MCB repair, ceiling fan for installation, charges will be decided when the service is taken to confirm the appointment for the same.

3) Do you offer electrician service in Pune?

Yes, we offer electrician service in Pune. Also, we provide electrician service in the nearby cities of Pune too.

4) What are the electrical problems for which I can hire an electrician?

The electrician at ROU solves all the major electrical problems that includes changing the bulb, sockets, or a complete wiring project of the house.