Get Your Dream Home Designed By The Best without spending a fortune
Get Your Dream Home Designed By The Best without spending a fortune

False Ceiling

Make your home ceiling attractive with minimal cost with ROU expertise in the Pune market in False Ceiling. The false ceiling hides the ducting and other structural elements inside the room. It also works as a heat insulator.Give a designer look and ambiance to your room with the help of pop ceilings at a super affordable price.

Some different types of ceilings that we provide are Gypsum False ceiling, Acrylic false ceiling, ACP False Ceiling, Armstrong false ceiling, glass false ceiling, and PVC false ceiling. Our professionals are extensively skilled to offer you the best service on various provisions of quality to fulfill your order with 100% customer satisfaction.


1) What is POP False Ceiling?

POP False Ceiling is the ceiling that is made up of POP Powder. The POP powder is applied to chicken nets that are helpful to provide mechanical strength. The powder is then mixed with water onsite and applied to the mesh to attach to the local metal framing system.

2) Is the POP False ceiling expensive?

The price of the POP False ceiling may change based on the designs. Yet, the basic price ranges between 75 Rs to 120 per square foot, and the decorative molding or cornice starts at Rs 45.

3) Can POP Ceiling fall?

In most cases, the POP ceiling doesn't fall. But in case of an earthquake, the ceiling may become unstable and can collapse when the ground shakes. The fixture on the ceiling can loosen up and can move due to poor installation that may lead to the breaking of ceiling.

4) What is the lifespan of POP False Ceiling?

POP False ceilings have a longer life. If there is no external damage applied, the POP ceiling is able to last for more than 15-20 years.